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The internet is an amazing tool. It has the power to change the way we live, and with only a few mouse clicks you can use Little Eats to look up amazing content and images, see reviews, buy goods and services and communicate with others from around the globe. It’s important to Little Eats that in order to help our customers and members that their privacy is maintained so everyone can take advantage of all this site has to offer.

Your privacy is important to you and us so we will protect the information you share with us. To protect your privacy please ensure that you don’t provide any personal or sensitive information to anyone else. If the information is provided this is done so following receipt of consent from that individual. If required by the law information may be disclosed to the requesting party.

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Editorial Policy

The information shared on the Little Eats web page & blog is editorial with ALL content being written by the Little Eats team and Little Eats reviewers. The reviews are a true reflection of our opinion and experience and are not paid for opinions.  Our content is driven by our strong belief that this content makes it easier for parents and like to eat out with kids and enjoy the joy that doing so brings.

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